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General Information

Who manages my Self-Build if I’m using Manage My Build?

Primarily, the Self-Builder manages the project, using Manage My Build as a tool to Plan, Cost, Schedule and Build the house. Where a Self-Builder decides that he or she needs help with the project, it’s possible to appoint a Project Manager – either by using Manage My Build or an external resource.

For what period of time is my payment to Manage My Build valid?

Literally as long as your Self-Build takes. We do require that you take out additional licenses if you decide to take on a second or subsequent projects. Customers should contact us directly if they wish to purchase multiple licenses.

Do I need to download the Project Manager Program onto my computer?

In a word, No. Your Project is stored centrally on our servers, making it accessible anywhere you can access the internet. This makes it ideal for people who need to access their project from a number of locations, whether it be to check a quote or schedule from work, to update their project at home, or look-up a detail while on-site.

Can I get a Free Trial of the package to see how it works and if I can use it?

Most certainly. We recommend that you view the Product Demo to get a quick overview of how the product works, and then register with the site to access a Free 7 Day Trial. The trial provides you with access to the first five Phases of a Construction Project, thus enabling you to create a mini-project and practice inputting Quotes, Selecting Suppliers, setting up schedules, and progressing the Actual Build.

Does the product take time to input data and track progress?

There is definitely a requirement to spend some time working on your Self-Build plan. Whether you’re using Manage My Build, a Spreadsheet or a blank sheet of paper you will need to spend time collating quotes, adjusting budgets and tracking your project. Manage My Build provides you with a template for several different house types: such as Bungalow, 2 Storey, Block-built, & Timber-Frame. This is a key advantage of using our product – you’re starting with a list of items to Cost and Schedule, whereas other methods require that you either have an in-depth knowledge of construction practices or that you spend time finding out all of the steps required for the construction of your house-type. With Manage My Build you’ll have all of your information stored in one location, where it can be easily accessed and updated; and where you can run reports to track the status of your Self-Build

Is the product only for Self-Builds?

Manage My Build is used by people for Self-Builds, Extensions and Renovations. With an increasing number of people choosing to Extend or Renovate their house instead of moving we’ve provided our customers with an option to create a Project for Extensions and Renovations that works just as effectively for their projects also.

What if I find that I don’t have the time to dedicate to my Self-Build after I’ve started?

Some people’s circumstances will change over time, and in the event that a customer finds that they simply do not have the time to spend on their project Manage My Build can provide resources to assist with the management of the project. To find out more simply drop us a line or give us a call to discuss.

What should I expect in terms of demands on my time during the project?

The amount of time you need to spend on the project will vary greatly through it’s lifetime.
The initial planning stage is where most people spend the least time, and this is the cardinal sin of Project Management. Using Manage My Build will focus the Self-Builder on this critical phase of the project. At this stage you will need to get a complete set of drawings completed and apply for Planning Permission. You will have a budget in mind, and this will need to be validated by getting a number of Quotes for each Phase of Work, and all required Materials. It is only when this is complete that the Self-Builder can validate their budget, and make any required adjustments.
Once Quotes have been received, the Self-Builder will need to select the Tradesmen and Suppliers, and to then discuss Start-Dates and Durations with each one. This enables the Project Schedule to be completed.
When these two elements have been completed, you have a validated Project Plan with a Budget and Schedule.
Communications with Tradesmen and Suppliers will take up some time as construction starts, and it will be necessary to be available, or have someone else available, to be onsite regularly to address any issues or questions as they arise. You will also need to be able to get materials provided onsite at short notice. As the main structure commences the demand onsite will reduce for a short time. This provides you with time to plan the next phases and line up tradesmen for First Fix activities. The trick here is to get these phases started as soon as it possible to enable activities to happen concurrently, reducing the overall time of your project.
Second Fix and internal finishes will take up an increased amount of time as the Self-Builder will need to be available to make decisions on the location of fittings and fixtures, and to decide on decorative materials and finishes.
The key to a successful Self-Build is in the Planning – time spent upfront getting detailed Quotes and selecting Tradesmen and Suppliers based on a mix of Price, Reliability and Recommendation will pay dividends later on as you find that you have a set of resources with which you can more easily work, and to whom you have communicated a clear set of expectations and requirements. You will also find that you are less likely to run short of funds, as the Manage My Build Project Manager software will help you to track costs and schedules right through construction.

If I am not happy with the product can I get my money back?

Certainly. If you are not happy with the product within the first 14 days, for any reason, we will provide you with a full refund.