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Garage & External Storage Space

06-01-2009 12:28 pm
Garage, Planning, Storage

Thinking of building a Garage? We recommend that you schedule the build of the Garage at the same time as the rest of the house. You will save on labour as the tradesmen will be onsite at the same time as the main build. If you are stretched for funding, then we recommend that you at least get the Garage built to sealed roof level. Then you can schedule the completion as funds become available. When planning the Garage consider the following: 1. Costs can be reduced if you attach it to a wall of the main house. 2. If attached to the main house, make sure that the access doors are properly secured, the same as any other external door. 3. May be a good idea to add in a shower or wash facility ...... somewhere to wash the animals when they come home from sports training!! 4. Add in a room overhead the Garage to provide somewhere for the kids to call their own as the years pass. A den with a pool table and basic amenities will be a great place for your kids to bring their friends. Remember - if their friends come around to your house when they are younger then they will continue to do so later on in their teenage years, and though that may not seem like a great idea now, knowing where your kids are and who they are hanging out with will be priceless down the line. 5. Plan space for laundry areas if possible - this is one of the most space consuming items in a house, especially given the weather we experience in Ireland. A few square metres of space for laundry machines and clothes horses is well worth considering.