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Choosing and decorating a Stairs

30-01-2009 10:52 am
Decorating; Stairs; Wood

Choosing the materials and finishes for your Stairs can be challenging, as there can be significant differences in price depending on the wood you use.

Soft woods such as red deal are exactly that: Soft Wood, and irrespective of how many coats of varnish, or the quality of the varnish, the wood will easily become marked over time.

While hard woods are more expensive, you are paying for long-term durability and quality.

Choose carefully, unless you are going to cover and protect a soft wood stairs with a carpet or other floor furnishing the steps will become marked and worn over time.

Varnishes on soft woods such as pine and deal can also become discoloured over time, and what starts out as a fantastic natural wooden colour can become yellowed and orange over as short a period as 4 to 6 years. There are varnishes coming onto the market that are resistant to colour fade or colour change, so make sure to choose one of these products if you decide to go with the natural colour of the wood.