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Cannot Decide on which product to choose?

22-04-2009 03:04 pm
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Cannot decide on which Windows, Doors, Flooring, Wall Finishes, etc. to choose?

We frequently meet Self-Builders who experience major delays because they have become bogged down by indecision regarding which product to buy.

It is possible that the choice of which windows, for example, could cost you weeks in terms of time if the order is not placed at the right time.

Manage My Build believes that we have the answer to your problem - creating a simple table on a sheet of paper to assist with selection.

This is what you do: Take a sheet of paper, or a spreadsheet if you want to use a computer. Across the top of the page write the names of the Suppliers or Products. Down the left wide write a list of the requirements associated with the product. For example, windows may include Quality, Price, Type of Finish, Performance / UV Value, Reputation of Supplier. For each requirement write down your own specific requirement - it may be a maximum price, a certain UV value performance, or a required finish that suits the house.

Then fill in the information you have across the page for each Supplier or Product. You can compare each item with your own specific requirements, and against each of the other Suppliers or Products. When this has been completed you may well be in a position where you can score each choice and at a very minimum eliminate the bottom one or two.

From here you will need to make your selection based on the information written down in front of you, and that choice becomes easier as you have outlined your requirements, eliminated the bottom items, and should be left with a maximum choice between two.