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2 out of 3 aint bad!

12-11-2009 12:57 pm
Project Management; Quality; Cost.

Here is a Project Management Rule that may well be of assistance as you progress through your Self-Build: Good, Cheap, Fast - You can have any Two, but not all Three!
Think about it - If you want something Fast, and it needs to be Good, then you can be sure that its not going to come Cheap.
If you want something Cheap, then you are going to need to settle for it being either Not Good, or Not Fast.
You can apply this rule throughout the life of your Project - understanding that the rile is there will enable you to make better decisions when faced with choices that are going to impact the quality of the product, how fast it can be delivered or how much its going to cost.
It is equally relevant when you need to make a change to the initial plan - any plan to the cost will impact either the duration or the quality of the product, etc.