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Safety First - Safety Always!

23-12-2009 01:44 pm

Do you have an effective Safety Plan for your Self Build site?
Think about the impact on you and your family if there is an accident that could have been avoided? Make sure that you have the right safety protection equipment at all times - hard hat, high-visibility vest, safety shoes ..... and goggles, ear-protectors etc when required.
If you have an accident you could be out of work for a time and your Self Build project will almost certainly be delayed or worse - cancelled. You may also face an investigation by the relevant authorities and could face prosecution if you are found to have been negligent.
You will only be one of many people working on the site. You will need to make sure that the professionals working on site are following the correct safety procedures, and that any other people or visitors are properly protected and escorted around the site at all times - it is your site and you need to take full ownership of Safety for the whole site. Your site is not a playground - do not bring children onsite.
Finally, do not commence any site works until you are fully insured - take out the correct liability insurance for the construction phase of the project before you start.