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Boundary Hedges and Trees

20-01-2010 12:52 pm
Planning, Boundaries, Gardens, Site Works

Are you planning to plant hedges, shrubs or trees on your site?
Trees, shrubs and hedges can take some time to become established on your site and it may be a good idea to think about planting some of your plants as early as possible ..... even before you start construction of your Self-Build.
This is especially relevant where you are planning to plant a boundary hedge. Plants and hedging will be quite small when planted, but can develop and grow quite vigorously once established.
If you do choose to plant early, just make sure that the planted trees or shrubs are located where they will not be damaged by site traffic or other works. If you are planting hedges, make sure that you will not need to gain access through these areas during or after construction as this may require that you remove sections of the hedge for a time.