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Long-term Planning for your home

03-05-2011 08:18 pm

SO, you have decided to build your dream home? BUT – have you really thought about how your home will evolve over the years and how well your plan is equipped to facilitate this?
Most people who build their own home are planning to live there for many, many years – making it very important that the design of the house takes your changing requirements into account.
Think about how your needs will change …….. do you plan to have kids? How many? Their needs will change as they grow and need more space. When they attend secondary school where will they study? Will they have a hang-out room or space as teenagers? If you do not want them around your house with their friends, think again …….. you will know where they are and their friends will be comfortable hanging out in your home – and that is priceless. Will their hang-out area be far enough away from yours that their noise is not an issue? When they eventually move out will you have a plan to use the space for yourself?
Yes, you are right – it is worth taking a moment to step forward in time to envisage how your self-build will fit your changing lifestyle.
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