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24-09-2008 04:24 pm
Planning, Communication, Suppliers, Change

It is likely that as you progress through your building project that some aspects of the plan may need to be changed.

It is critical that, when faced with a decision to make a change, you inform every person involved of the change.

At first glance there may not appear any need to inform people, but careful consideration may indicate otherwise.

For instance, if you were to consider making a change to your windows you make consider only informing the window supplier. The architect or design engineer will need to know to assess the impact on the planning application and if the required light levels in the room are impacted.

If youre buying a timber-frame house the manufacturer will need to change the plans. A block-layer will need to know if the openings are to change, and if different size lentils are required.

Even the plumber and electrician may need to be informed if the changes impact on the positioning of lights, wiring, pipes or radiators.

Your BER advisor may also need to know to assess any impact on the houses energy rating.